Ontario commercial arborists association

Annual Members Meeting

When: Friday, November 15, 2019
Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Parkwood Estate National Historic Site

Theme:  Redefining the Arborist Profession - A determinate path to recognition


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7 am-8 am  
Registration & Coffee

8 am-9 am
AMM; OCAA Business Meeting - What happened this year, what are the plans for the future
Review of the last minutes, Committee Reports as per members' email and Board Nominations.

9 am-9:30 am
Introduction to the Discussion “Redefining the Arborist Profession”

9:30 am-10 am  - Coffee Break

10 am-12 pm
Brainstorming, “fill in the blanks”

12 pm-1 pm - Lunch 

1 pm-3 pm
Review and discussion

3 pm-3:30 pm - Coffee Break 

3:30 pm-5 pm
Next steps; where do we go from here? 

6 pm
Dinner & Social Gathering

Join with us on November 15, 2019, to fill in the blanks:

Ground Worker 1: Entry Level Employee,

  • Effectively sets up traffic control and manages the most common hazards associated with securing the job site.

  • Aids the staff working aloft by using a small selection of knots, basic rigging equipment, and a chainsaw.

  • Safely uses a chainsaw and chipper in an effective manner to ensure efficiency and productivity,

  • Understands and carries out the basic maintenance needs of all the tools and equipment they have been trained on.

  • Cleans up the worksite in an efficient manner to protect persons, property, and equipment.

Ground Worker 2: Production Staff,

  • Assists staff working aloft with rigging operations; installation, use, and care of the equipment is all apart of this role.

  • Equipment operations include stump grinder and large chainsaws as well as pruning tools.

  • Basic understanding of pruning cuts and how to correctly prune common juvenile trees and shrubs.

  • Drives G class vehicle.

Climber 1: Entry Level climber,

  • Identifies a shortlist of common trees and understands the common physical expectations limitations of each.

  • Installs, and uses a work positioning system safely and efficiently to access trees up to 50’.

  • Uses manual tools aloft to perform basic tree care tasks (deadwood, structural improvements, reduction etc….) with very little direction.

  • Able to use a rope for lowering materials to the ground.

Climber 2: Production Climber,

  • Effectively plans the flow of work to ensure jobs are completed safely and efficiently

  • Uses advanced rigging systems safely and effectively

  • Makes educated decisions about plant health care to perform tree maintenance activities

  • Identifies a long list of tree and shrub species that are common in the province, understands the dynamics of the structure, associated hazards, and pruning techniques

Climber/Operator: production climber who operates equipment

  • Inspects, operates and maintains a truck-mounted aerial lift

  • Inspects, operates, and maintains a truck-mounted knuckle boom

  • Maintains a DZ license

  • Plans and executes a crane assisted tree removal

Utility: clears vegetation in proximity to energized conductors

  • Inspects, operates and maintains dielectric tools

  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of electrical trade theory

  • Inspects, operates and maintains the off-road aerial device

  • Identifies utilities and all associated components

Plant Health Care:

  • Maintains Exterminators Licences for Landscape and Forestry

  • Identifies common pests and pathogens commonly found in Ontario

  • Produces written Integrated Pest Management plans


  • Working knowledge of Integrated Pest Management creates and writes plans

  • Writes detailed reports for municipalities and other agencies on the topics of Tree Risk

  • Assessment, Tree Valuation, Tree Preservation, and Soil management

  • Working knowledge of construction practices and recommends remediation practices for tree preservation

  • Working knowledge of Arboriculture practices and recommends services to manage urban trees
  • Maintains exterminator Licence for Industrial Vegetation
  • Inspects, operates and maintains all-terrain vehicles (boat, ATV, snowmobile)

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