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Arborist Injury Prevention Workshop

  • March 13, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Lemonville Community Centre, 13453 McCowan Road, Stouffville
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DATE: Friday March 13, 2020      TIME: 8:00am - 4:00pm

LOCATION: Lemonville Community Centre, 13453 McCowan Road, Stouffville

PRICE: Member: $200.00  Non-Member: $250.00

CEU's: 6

INSTRUCTOR: Raymond Parker


Are you confident that your employees are prepared to go to work everyday knowing how to prevent the #1 most common injury in Ontario?  

There were over 250,000 lost-time injuries in CANADA in 2017.  With Ontario having the second highest injury rates out of all provinces, according to reports published in 2018, something has to be done to educate the workforce to prevent this trend from rising. 

This Injury Prevention Program follows the guidelines set out by the ministry that now requires legally employers/employees to mitigate and control MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) risks in the workplace.

The Arboriculture industry puts workers at a great risk for these disorders and injury risk through movement especially with the nature of expected daily tasks.

This course allows each tree care company that undertakes the training to move ahead of the curve when it comes to learning how to move in and out of the workplace. This one-of-a-kind program is designed to educate through practical, hands-on experience to prevent these types of injuries, specific to the arborist industry.  The program allows the attendee to learn how to handle the very tools, equipment, and materials that they would see in their everyday work life - having first been taught BY A CERTIFIED COACH in a team building atmosphere!

Topics covered:

·         Manual Material Handling (MMH)

·         Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

·         Posture and Risk Factors

·         Stretching an Muscle Activation (Task specific)

Agenda for day: 
1. 8hr day with lunch and breaks
2. Employee handbook with actionable items to correct both posture and wellbeing at work and at home.
3.Powerpoint presentation highlighting MSD risk and industry-related media
4. Movement workshop with trade and gym tools to teach real-world movement and injury prevention (the majority of the time)
5. Stretch and activation hazard matrix laminated for service vehicle/truck/personal reference specific to industry tasks
6. Electronic copies of all materials presented

    INSTRUCTOR Information:

    Raymond is a trade professional with experience sitting on health and safety boards with various companies in the industry. As a certified trainer and movement coach he created a workshop that teaches the fundamentals of how to prevent injuries through proper movement, posture, and stretching; instantly resulting in a reduction of injuries for the workforce.

    Testimonials from OCAA members:

    “Good for all staff. Will be delivering this annually to all my staff.  Better than any injury prevention course ever taken in my career.  We merged the “laboratory” with the workplace. Laboratory being the gym, where people use precision tools in a controlled environment to safely and accurately use their bodies to perform work. Then applied these accurate movements to the arborist’s workplace. Team was fully engaged. No “prisoners” participated.”

                                                                                           Kevin Mengers, Advanced Tree Care Inc.

    “The Arborist Prevention course was very helpful. It had changed my view on many of my original morning routines. 

    The course provided me with many ways of how I can work and what I can do before I start work. Such as important stretches and ways to lift so that I can take care of my body in such a labour intensive job. 

    As Safety Rep at Shady Lane I put together booklets which consist of the everyday stretches we should be doing to not strain or injure ourselves in our everyday work. 

    Overall, The course was great and I recommend it to anyone who would want to be educated on how we can feel great everyday and prevent injuries.

                                                                             Daron Sakaloglu, Shady Lane Expert Tree Care

    Payment must be received prior to attending the workshop.

    - E-transfers are accepted and can be emailed to info@OntarioOCAA.com.

    Cheques can be made out to OCAA and mailed to PO Box 1061 Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0.

    Please be sure to reference your online invoice number. 

    If you have any questions please contact the office at 416-705-6556 or info@OntarioOCAA.com

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