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Memberships are limited to proprietorships, firms, partnerships or corporations that are engaged primarily in the profession of commercial arboriculture. Associate memberships are divided into two sub-categories, manufacturer and distributor. The goals of our association are as follows:   

•  To promote and improve standards in commercial arboriculture
•  To exchange ideas and improve the knowledge of commercial arborists through education and networking
•  To promote safety of our workers and the public
•  To promote public understanding of arboriculture
•  To increase public awareness of the role of professional, commercial arborists
•  To influence government legislation for the benefit of the public

Membership runs from October 1 to September 30 the following year. 


Introductory membership is $225.00 and pro-rated based on when you sign up

Membership Renewals are $275.00 (Due by October 31) 

Join us and become a member of the O.C.A.A by filling out an application and submit it to admin@ms-va.com or by fax at 905-473-6193 

Address: 72 Main Street, Mount Albert | Ontario L0G 1M0

Phone: (905) 473-1078

Email: admin@ms-va.com

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